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Olympic Gold Medalists Need Help From Experts

Aly Raisman made history this year at the London Olympics. As part of the “Fierce Five,” she won a gold medal for the Team competition last week. It was the first time since 1996 the USA Women’s Gymnastic Team had won gold in team competition. The team’s captain then surprised everyone with the bronze and gold medal performance in the balance beam and floor exercises respectively. Her bronze was the most interesting of all three.

The bronze medal came from the individual balance beam event. She had a good performance, and after receiving her score she, her coach, and fans were shocked by the low marks she received. Bela’ Ka’rolyi and wife Ma’rta, former coaches of US Olympic gymnasts and legends of the sport, motioned from the stands for Raisman to appeal the score. They were very hasty because there is only a certain amount of time to appeal. Mihai Brestyan, Raisman’s coach, didn’t want to appeal because he didn’t think it would work in Raisman’s favor. The Ka’rolyi’s insisted from the stands and Brestyan finally did. At this point Raisman was not in medal position. After reviewing the score sheet and film of the performance, the judges realized they had made a very big error and amended the score. As a result Raisman received a bronze medal and went on to win gold in the floor performance later that night.

Had the experience of the Karolyis not been there, Raisman would have taken the Olympic authority’s word for it. By themselves she and her coach were afraid to question the Olympic panel of judges. With the support, instinct, and wisdom of the Ka’rolyis, Raisman contested the first result. They gave her the guidance to stand up to the intimidating Olympic judges. Fear of authority is not specific to the Olympics and most people take authoritative body’s word for granted.

A very simple example happens with traffic stops. If are issued a ticket many people will just pay the fine and move on. They won’t question the validity of the officer’s evidence. Was the radar gun properly calibrated? Was it really a work zone? These are things that when questioned, often end in favor of the ticketed person. If you, like gold medalist Aly Raisman, turn to someone with expertise, you can save yourself from excessive fines. You may also save yourself from a ticket altogether. Don’t let an authoritative body manipulate you into unnecessary fines.

When you are pulled over and receive a speeding ticket or DUI, don’t take the authority’s word for it. Like Aly Raisman did to win bronze in London, call on experience and wisdom to challenge the authority. Call Lexstop Law Firm, LLC. We will fight your ticket and help you save points on your license and money on insurance premiums. Call a lawyer at Lexstop today.


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