Ladue Attorney

City of Ladue City Hall

City of Ladue City Hall

If you are in need of legal services in Ladue, Missouri, you need to call Lexstop Law Firm, LLC toll free at 1-888-888-0020.  Regardless of whether it is something as minor as a traffic ticket or if you were involved in a serious automobile wreck, no legal job is too small or large for our firm.  All you have to submit an online form describing your legal issue or give us a call and we can arrange one half hour complimentary consultation.

Did you get pulled over in Ladue, Missouri? Lexstop Law Firm, LLC. is there to help with your problem. Ladue’s police department prides itself on keeping speeding to a minimum. With an area of just over 8 square miles, there are 4 police cars on patrol at all times. The police like to sit on highway 40/Interstate 64 West, just past McKnight, waiting for speeders to pass through from the city to West County. The hilly topography of the area provides an opportunity for the police to catch people careening down roads like Ladue, Price, Clayton, and McKnight. If you get pulled over in Ladue, call an attorney at Lexstop Law Firm, LLC right away.  Our offices are located downtown Clayton, but we can usually arrange to handle your ticket without having to come to our offices from Ladue.

As a convenience to visitors to our site, we provide some general information about the city of Ladue that we hope you find useful.  If you are charged with a traffic or speeding ticket offense, you will have to appear in court if you wish to defend yourself unless you are represented by an attorney.  If you are charged with a more serious criminal offense, you will probably have to appear in court even if you are represented by an attorney.  Consequently, we have included information about the Ladue Municipal Court as well as driving directions and a link to the city of Ladue’s website.

Ladue Municipal Court

9345 Clayton Road

Ladue, Missouri 63124-1587


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If you need additional help or assistance in Ladue, Lexstop Law Firm suggests visiting the City of Ladue’s website for more information.

If a friend or loved one has been arrested in Ladue, there is a good chance they are probably being held in the City of Ladue’s prisoner holding center within the Ladue Police Department Headquarters.  You should not call 911 if they have been arrested but instead call the city of Ladue’s Police Department directly at 314-993-1214 to confirm that they are being held there and find out bond information.  The city of Ladue’s Police Department is located directly next to city hall at 9345 Clayton Road.

The Ladue Police Department has a prisoner holding facility that is located next to City Hall if a friend or loved one has been arrested in Ladue.


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