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Are you in need of a lawyer or attorney in Kirkwood, Missouri?  Were you accused of speeding or breaking another traffic law?  Lexstop Law Firm can help you.  We regularly handle cases in the city of Kirkwood both large and small.  Regardless of whether you were accused of DUI or simply need an attorney to review a contract for you, Lexstop Law Firm LLC can help.

If you were pulled over in Kirkwood, there is no need to worry. Many people get ticketed on the Lindbergh/Kirkwood Rd. It is easy to get caught in the trap. After Lindbergh turns into Kirkwood Rd. south of Manchester, the speed limit changes, and the road narrows. Further south there seems to be a waiting game with traffic lights and it is not unusual for someone to roll through a traffic signal. If you are ticketed in Kirkwood, whether it is on Kirkwood Rd., Woodlawn, Geyer, or any other streets, give a Kirkwood attorney a call at Lexstop.

To reward visitors to our site, we include information about the Kirkwood municipal court.  If you receive a simple speeding or traffic ticket, you can probably save yourself a trip to the courthouse by hiring a Lexstop lawyer to represent you.  However, if you want to fight the ticket on your own or if we have told you to meet us in court, we have provided easy driving directions and pictures to ensure we can meet you there.


Kirkwood Municipal Court

139 S. Kirkwood Rd.

Kirkwood, MO 63122

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Kirkwood City Hall houses the municipal court upstairs in this building.


Kirkwood is located in south central Saint Louis County.  Interestingly, despite Kirkwood and Webster Groves high schools intense rivalry, Webster Groves and Kirkwood do not share a border.  Kirkwood’s northern border is primarily made up of Frontenac, Huntleigh, and Warson Woods.  Glendale and Oakland border Kirkwood to the east.  Crestwood and Sunset Hills make up Kirkwood’s southern border.  Unincorporated Saint Louis County and Des Peres make up Kirkwood’s western border.  Des Peres also makes up part of Kirkwood’s northern border.

Disclaimer: We do try to ensure our information is up to date and current.  However, we cannot guarantee that it is always accurate.  You can look at this information up directly through the city of Kirkwood’s website here.  If you spot an error, please feel free to let us know right away so we can correct it.