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Did you get a speeding or traffic ticket in Ballwin, Missouri?  Look no further than the lawyers at Lexstop Law Firm, LLC. At Lexstop, we know that speeding and traffic tickets are a part of driving. This is especially true in the heavy traffic flow of Ballwin. Manchester Rd. is treacherous for speeding tickets on any stretch in Saint Louis. The stretch in Ballwin is especially so due to a high density of intersections and traffic stops. It is easy to get frustrated and as a result speeding often occurs. The Ballwin police know these things and are on the lookout for drivers trying to speed through the next light. If you get stopped and receive a traffic ticket, call Lexstop at 1-888-888-0020.

The lawyers at Lexstop handle legal problems and issues for clients and the citizens of Ballwin, Missouri.  If you received a traffic ticket in the city of Ballwin, please contact our firm right away and we will be happy to get back with you.  As a full service law firm, we can handle a lot of other legal issues ranging from estate planning to small business legal help.  Even if our attorneys cannot handle your legal issue, we will be happy to try to try to find you someone who can as a courtesy for calling us.  Don’t let your insurance rates jump as a result of a conviction.

As a courtesy to people visiting or site, we are including the Ballwin Municipal Court’s address and their website if you have to appear in court or need directions.  If we were to handle your speeding ticket, you will probably not be required to appear at all at court.  However, if you are charged with a more serious criminal offense, you may be required to appear.  The city of Ballwin Municipal court is located in Vlasis Park.

Ballwin Municipal Court

Donald “Red” Loehr Police and Court Center

300 Park Drive

Ballwin, MO. 63011

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The Ballwin police department also maintains a prisoner holding facility at the 300 Park Drive facility.  If one of your friends or loved ones has been arrested in Ballwin, you should not call 911 but should call the police department at 636-227-9636 to ensure they are being held there and to find out bond information.

Ballwin, Missouri is located in southwestern Saint Louis, County.  It shares its northern border primarily with the suburb of Chesterfield.  However, a small portion of Ballwin’s northeast border touches Town and Country, Missouri.  Ballwin’s eastern borders primarily the city of Manchester to the east.  However, another suburb of Saint Louis County, Winchester also borders Ballwin from the east.  Ellisville and Clarkson Valley form the bulk of Ballwin’s western borders.  To the south of Ballwin is unincorporated Saint Louis County.  Manchester Road roughly divides the city of Ballwin on a north south axis.

This is a map of the city of Ballwin, Missouri.  Ballwin is a western suburb of Saint Louis County.  A map of the city is posted here because one of the most common questions our law firm receives regarding speeding and traffic tickets is whether the police officer had the authority to issue the ticket.  If a Ballwin police officer issued you a ticket outside of Ballwin’s city limits, you may have grounds to get the ticket dismissed.

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