Lexstop Law Firm LLC focuses its practice in St. Louis, by helping people who have legal problems. Our founder, Brian Mueller, and legal professionals who work with his firm have built a reputation for helping people in Saint Louis, Missouri and Southwestern Illinois.  Lexstop Law Firm has helped thousands of people and businesses solve their legal problems regardless of whether it was as simple as getting a speeding ticket resolved or being seriously injured or even killed in an auto accident or other unfortunate or catastrophic event.  However, Lexstop Law Firm is a full service law firm committed to helping every client that contacts us.  We handle a wide variety of legal matters ranging from personal injury, traffic law, estate planning, business formation, commercial transactions and contracts, business plans and proposals, and disputes and litigation.  We don’t handle every legal issue, and we specifically avoid family law such as divorces and child custody issues.  A jack of all trades is the master of none.  However, if we are the best person to help you, we will.  If we are not, we will be happy to refer you to an experienced attorney who can.  Basically, if we are not the best law firm to help you, we will by happy to tell you which attorney we would recommend given the facts and circumstances of your case, your needs, and your budget.  For more information on where we practice, please click here.  Because we are so unique and so different, people commonly have questions about who we are and what we do.  These are two of the most common questions we get and our answer.

Why do you call yourself Lexstop Law Firm?

Lexstop derives its name from the Latin word for law, lex.  Lex is Latin for law so essentially our name means law stop.  We contemplated a wide variety of names before settling on lexstop.  When deciding on a name, we found that 99.9% of law firm names fell into one of two categories.  First, they named their firms after their founders.   As our founder’s last name is Mueller, Mueller and Associates did not stand out and sounded far too common so that option was quickly discarded.  Second, law firms tend to name themselves after what they primarily do.  Naming our firm Car Accidents R Us or Quick and Easy Speeding Ticket Solutions LLC or something similar was certainly an option.  However, a similar problem exists.  There are a ton of firms claiming to be experts in personal injury law or traffic law.  Further, it limited us to car accidents or another specific practice area.  We wanted clients to realize that while we can help them if they get in a car accident, we can do so much more.  By naming ourselves Lexstop, we want to encourage clients to contact us regardless of their legal issue.  Finally, we want everyone that works for Lexstop or with Lexstop to know that no one person, not even our founder, is bigger than the firm’s goals and mission.

Why did you start by advertising your traffic law services if you are a full service law firm?

We began advertising our traffic law services for one simple reason.  One in six people will receive a traffic ticket in any given year.  This makes traffic law by far the most common legal problem people encounter in their everyday lives.  For many people, the only lawyer they know is the one that takes care of their traffic or speeding tickets.  We want to help you resolve your traffic ticket problem and take good care of you doing so.  We know that if we take good care of you on a simple matter like a speeding ticket and really go the extra mile for you, you will come back with more serious legal issues.  Handling a speeding ticket for you first helps build a foundation of trust.  Once you trust us with your legal problems regardless of how large or small they are, we know we will have a client for life.