Woodson Terrace Speeding Ticket


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Woodson Terrace is a suburb of Saint Louis County, Missouri located very close to Lambert International Airport.  Lambert comprises most of its northern border.  Saint John, Missouri comprises all of its eastern and part of its southern border.  Breckenridge Hill, Missouri is located to the south, and Edmundson is located to the west.  Interstate 70 is its largest and most used road.

To help assist our clients and visitors to the site, we offer a free map and driving directions to the Woodson Terrace Municipal Court.  Please keep in mind that if you hire our firm to represent you, our lawyers can probably save you a trip to court if it is a minor traffic or speeding ticket.  More serious criminal matters may require an appearance so we provide this information to make it easier for clients to find us.

Woodson Terrace Municipal Court

4323 Woodson Road
Woodson Terrace, MO 63134

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Neighboring Cities and Municipalities:

Breckenridge Hills


St. John

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