Vinita Park Attorney

Are you in need of an attorney in Vinita Park, Missouri?  Did one of Vinita Park’s finest ticket you for speeding or another traffic offense.  Give the attorneys at Lexstop Law Firm a call at 1-888-888-0020 or submit a contact form online.  We will be happy to assist you.

Regardless of whether you were issued something as minor as a simple speeding ticket or you are in need of other legal assistance, our attorneys are committed to helping you.  We are happy to provide a free initial consultation to talk about your legal problems regardless of whether they occurred in Vinita Park or somewhere else.  Even if we cannot help you, we will do our best to refer you to an attorney who can.

As a convenience to clients and visitors to our site, we have included a map and driving directions to the Vinita Park Municipal Court.  If one of our attorneys represents you, we can probably save you the trip if it is a minor speeding or traffic violation.  More serious criminal offenses may require an appearance even if you are represented by an attorney (we hope it’s us) so to make it easier to meet up these directions should help.


Vinita Park Municipal Court

8374 Midland Blvd.

Vinita Park, MO 63114

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Disclaimer: While we do provide the map and driving directions to the Vinita Park Municipal Court free of charge, we cannot guarantee that they are always up to date.  You should always look at the information listed on your ticket for the most up to date information.  If you spot an error about Vinita Park or any other page, feel free to let our attorneys know as soon as possible so the information can be updated.