University City Attorney

The University City Courthouse is located within the City Hall building (pictured above).

If you have been charged with a crime or issued a speeding ticket in University City, Missouri, please give us a call.  Lexstop Law Firm is here to help.  We help residents and visitors get their traffic tickets fixed fast.  We believe in treating customers right.  Let us handle a simple traffic ticket for you.  Once you realize the trust and personal attention that goes into your case, we have no doubt that you will bring your next legal issue to us.

The Loop is the the heart and soul of University City. It is one of the most famous places in the Saint Louis Area, and is home to a myriad of bars and restaurants. The police in U-City wait for people who have had a few drinks to get into their cars and drive home. It is not unusual for a U-City officer to pull someone over with suspicion of driving while intoxicated. They take this matter very seriously and will not hesitate to pull someone over. If you have been arrested, ticketed, or cited with a DWI in U-City, call a University City attorney at Lexstop.

To make it easier for visitors to our site to find the courthouse if our attorneys have to meet them there, we have included the courthouse’s address and a picture of the courthouse.  If you represent you on a simple traffic ticket, you will probably not even have to appear in the courthouse at all.

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The University City Municipal Court is located just past the University City lion statutes on the left if you are coming from the west and on the right if you are coming from the east.

University City, despite its name, is not located in Saint Louis city but is actually a suburb just east of the city in Saint Louis County.  Vinita Park, Vinita Terrace, Hanley Hills, Pagedale, and Wellston form University City’s northern border.  Saint Louis comprises University City’s eastern border.  Parts of unincorporated Saint Louis County as well as Clayton make up most of University City’s southern border.  The city of Ladue also abuts University City to the south.  The cities of Overland and Olivette form University City’s western border.

Disclaimer: We do try to keep all of our information about Clayton up to date and current.  However, we cannot guarantee that it is.  If you see an error, please contact us right away to let us know.