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Did you recently receive a speeding or traffic ticket in Rock Hill, Missouri?  Lexstop Law Firm LLC is here to help you.  Our lawyers and legal professionals regularly help people with speeding tickets and criminal offenses in the city of Rock Hill, Missouri.  Even if you are a perfectly law abiding citizen, you can still contact us if you are in need of legal assistance.  As a general practice firm, we are here to help you with legal problems large and small.  Submit a contact form through our website or give us a call and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

Rock Hill, Missouri is not the largest in the state, but it does boast one of the country’s leading ticket writers. Ron Ziegler known as “Radar Ron” has issued an estimated 150,000 tickets in his career. He recently retired but his legacy lives on. He and the rest of Rock Hill’s police force are known for punishing speeding motorists with unforgiving tickets. They like to stay on Manchester Rd. between the Trainwreck Saloon, and McKnight Rd. They also have a spot on McKnight in between Litzinger and Manchester Rd. These areas are heavily patrolled and the officers do not mind pulling someone over for going just one over the limit. If you have been pulled over in Rock Hill, call a Rock Hill attorney at Lexstop.

If you choose to fight the ticket on your own (which we don’t recommend), you will have to personally appear in the City of Rock Hill Municipal Court.  For your benefit, we have included a map and driving directions on how to get to the court.


Rock Hill Municipal Court

320 W. Thornton Ave.

Rock Hill, MO. 63119

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The Rock Hill City Hall Building houses the Rock Hill Municipal Court.

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