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Have you been pulled over or arrested in Hazelwood, Missouri? Did you get pulled over going to fast on the off-ramp from HWY 270 onto N. Lindbergh? Did you accidentally run a red light at the U-Turn at Utz and Lindbergh? These things happen to everyone. Hazelwood is a busy area and heavy traffic flow makes it more tempting to speed. Anyone that has had the experience of getting on HWY 270 South from Lindbergh knows that driving can get frustrating and lead to traffic tickets, including those for speeding.

If you need a lawyer or attorney to represent you in Hazelwood, Missouri,  Lexstop lawyers are here to help you.  We regularly handle traffic and speeding tickets in Hazelwood.  Submit a contact form through our website or give us a call.  If you are simply in need of other legal help, we will be happy to meet with you.

If you hire us to be your lawyer on a simple speeding or traffic ticket, you will probably not have to appear in court.  However, handling more serious criminal offenses like DUI will probably require an appearance.  As a favor to visitors, we have included instructions on how to get to court.  The Hazelwood Municipal Court is located within Hazelwood’s city hall.


Hazelwood Municipal Court

415 Elm Grove Lane

Hazelwood, MO. 63042
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Hazelwood is a city in northwest Saint Louis County.  It borders the Missouri River to its north, and the city of Florissant to its east.  Hazelwood’s southern border is split between Calverton Park, Berkley, and unincorporated Saint Louis County.  Bridgeton runs along Hazelwood’s western border.

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