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Frontenac Fire Department Truck

Frontenac Fire Department Truck


Were you recently stopped by a Frontenac, Missouri police officer? Frontenac police are notorious for issuing speeding tickets. They are very strict about the posted limits and it does not matter if you are traveling 2 MPH or 15 MPH over the speed limit. The police are also strict about the stop lights and stop signs, and will not hesitate to pull you over for rolling through a stop sign. Frontenac has speed limits as low as 25 MPH on main thoroughfares. Low speed limits like this are difficult to maintain, and it is easy for someone to careen down a hill and get caught going 5 MPH over the limit. Call a Frontenac attorney today.

If you were issued a speeding or traffic ticket in Frontenac, Lexstop Law Firm LLC Attorneys can help you.  Even if it is a more serious matter such as DUI or you might be in need of a lawyer for some other reason, help is only a click away.  Even if we can’t take your case, we will be happy to try to find someone who can.


As a courtesy, we provide driving directions to the city of Frontenac municipal court.  If you are charged with a simple speeding or traffic ticket, you will probably not even have to go to court if we represent you.  However, if you are charged with a more serious offense, you will probably be required to appear at some point.  To make it easy for you, the court information is listed below.


Frontenac Municipal Court

10555 Clayton Road

Frontenac, Missouri 63131

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