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Have you been pulled over going too fast in Florissant, Missouri? If you have you are not alone. Lindbergh Blvd. is the major road that cuts right through Florissant. It connects people to one end of the municipality to the other. It also connects people to HWY 270, which is the fastest way to work for a lot of people. Speeding is bound to happen when people are in a rush and everyone knows that Lindbergh can seem like a high speed highway, The police don’t see it that way and will be happy to issue a ticket. If you get pulled over anywhere in Florissant, Missouri call Lexstop Law Firm, LLC today.

If you have been issued a ticket for speeding, DUI, or any traffic related offense you need to call a lawyer at Lexstop Law Firm, LLC. A Lexstop attorney will speak with you personally about the issues, and see your case through until the end. The lawyers at Lexstop will fight for you in any matter you bring them, whether it is a speeding ticket, or a serious criminal offense. Call a Florissant attorney at Lexstop at 1(888) 888-0020 or fill out an online for and one of our lawyers will get back with you as soon as possible.


If it is a simple speeding ticket, we can most likely handle the case without you having to appear in court.  If it is a more serious matter, you will probably be required to appear.  In order to make that easier for you, we have included directions on how to get to the Florissant Municipal Court.


Florissant Munipal Court

1055 Rue St. Francois

Florissant, MO  63031

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The city of Florissant lies on the boundary of northwest Saint Louis County.  Florissant’s northern border is divided between the Missouri River and unincorporated Saint Louis County.  It borders parts of unincorporated Saint Louis County to its east as well as the city of Black Jack.  Its southern border is made up of Ferguson, Calverton Park, and the city of Hazelwood.  The city of Hazelwood composes Florissant’s western border.

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