Eureka Attorney

Did you get pulled over and issued a ticket in the city of Eureka, Missouri? Have you received a traffic violation of any kind? It is likely if you use HWY 44 that you have seen someone or yourself have been pulled over for speeding. The curvy nature of that stretch of HWY 44 makes it very easy for police to hide for speeding vehicles. It is also easy for a driver to lose track of speed because at points the HWY passes open and scenic views. This creates the illusion you are not going as fast as you may think. The next thing you know, a police car is tailing you with blue and red lights flashing. If you have been pulled over in Eureka, Missouri call a Eureka attorney at Lexstop Law Firm, LLC.

A Lexstop lawyer is available to assist you. Lexstop will not only assist you in traffic violations, but also in matters ranging from DUI to planning your estate. For a Eureka attorney call Lexstop at 1(888) 888-0020. You may also fill out an online form to the left of this page, and a Lexstop attorney will contact you soon.

If it is a simple speeding ticket, we can most likely handle the case without you having to appear in court.  If it is a more serious matter, you will probably be required to appear.  In order to make that easier for you, we have included directions on how to get to the Eureka Municipal Court.


Eureka Municipal Court

City Hall Drive

Eureka, Missouri 63025

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