Country Life Acres Lawyer

Country Life Acres Lawyer

A police officer pulled you over for speeding or another traffic offense in Country Life Acres, Missouri?  Are you now searching frantically for a lawyer?  Let Lexstop Law Firm help you out.  We help people accused of speeding and other traffic offenses in Country Life Acres, Missouri.  Perhaps, you were accused of something more serious or simply have another legal question.  Submit a contact form online or give us a call.  Even if we can’t help you, we will try to refer you to someone who can.


As a courtesy to friends and visitors and to help potential and actual clients out, we offer a map and driving directions to the Life Acres Municipal Court.  While you can probably save yourself a trip to court by hiring us to represent you, more serious criminal matters may require an appearance even if you are required to appear.  To make it easier for you, this information is provided free of charge.


Country Life Acres Municipal Court

3 Hollenberg Ct.

St. Louis, MO  63044

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Disclaimer: While we do our best to try to make this site helpful, we cannot guarantee the  information about Country Life Acres is up to date and accurate.  You should always confirm that the courthouse address is correct by looking at the ticket and contacting the court directly.  If you spot an error, feel free to contact our lawyers right away to let us know.