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If you have been issued a speeding or traffic ticket in the city of Clayton, Missouri, Lexstop Law Firm’s experienced attorneys are here to help you.  Perhaps, you are in need of other legal services.  Lexstop Law Firm offer a broad array of legal help to our clients.  We advertise our traffic law services to establish trust with the client.  Once you know how you will be treated and the services we provide on a simple matter like speeding ticket defense, we know you will come back to us with your next legal issue whether it is drafting a will or estate plan or a serious car accident.  Submit a contact form online or give us a call at 1-888-888-0020.  We will be happy to meet with you.

Clayton, Missouri is one of the most highly regarded municipalities in the region. It is a thriving business district, and home to many of the city’s premier restaurant’s and bars. People are often in a hurry to meet someone for a business or social meeting. Clayton police patrol the area diligently and the hurried travelers are often on the receiving end of a speeding ticket. Leaving the Clayton bar scene at night can also be hazardous. It is always best to take a cab, especially when the Clayton police seemingly wait for people to drive onto Central Ave. Call a Clayton attorney today.

If you choose to try to fight your traffic ticket on your own, we have provided directions and pictures on how to get to the Clayton Municipal Court.  If we represent you, you will probably not even have to appear if it is a minor traffic violation.  For more serious criminal violations, you will probably have to appear so posting directions online makes it easier for our clients to find.  Please note that the Clayton municipal court moved to its new location on South Brentwood in early 2013.


Clayton Municipal Court

10 South Brentwood Blvd.

Saint Louis, MO. 63105

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If you have other questions about Clayton Missouri, Lexstop Law Firm would suggest visiting Clayton’s website by clicking here.


This is a map of the city of Clayton.  Occasionally, clients have questions about where a ticket was issued or if a police officer was outside of his jurisdiction when the ticket was issued.  Knowing more about Clayton and the surrounding areas may be useful.

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The city of Clayton is the equivalent to Saint Louis County’s downtown  which is ironic as it borders the downtown Saint Louis to its east.  Clayton is an eastern suburb of Saint Louis County located in mid county or in what is known locally as the central corridor.  Clayton has the most skyscrapers of any city or municipality in Saint Louis County.  Clayton is bordered to its south by the city of Richmond Heights.  The city of Ladue sits to Clayton’s west, and University City and unincorporated Saint Louis County comprise its northern border.

Disclaimer: We do try to keep all of our information about Clayton up to date and current.  However, Lexstop Law Firm cannot guarantee that it is.  If you see an error, please contact us right away to let us know and we’ll be sure to update it.

Remember to steer clear of first responders in Clayton.