Black Jack Lawyer

Did you recently receive a traffic or speeding ticket in Black Jack, Missouri?  Attorneys at Lexstop Law Firm LLC are happy to help you.  Our lawyers will work to try to have the traffic violation reduced to a non-point moving violation.  Even if you are charged with a more serious crime or are in need of other legal assistance (a will, trust, estate, etc.), we can help you out.  Submit a contact form online or call us, and we will work to help you.


To make it easy for clients that may have to meet us in court, we provide a map and driving directions to the Black Jack Municipal Court.  If it is a small speeding or traffic matter, a Lexstop lawyer can probably save you a trip to the courthouse.  However, more serious criminal matters will likely require an appearance.


Black Jack Municipal Court

12500 Old Jamestown Road

Black Jack, MO 63033

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Black Jack is a suburb of Saint Louis County.  Spanish Lake lies to the east, and Florissant lies to the west.  Black Jack, Missouri is located around unincorporated Saint Louis County.

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