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Berkeley, Missouri Police Car

Berkeley, Missouri Police Car

Have you been arrested or charged with a crime in Berkeley, Missouri?  Perhaps, you have only been issued a speeding or traffic ticket.  Our lawyers and attorneys are here to help.  We will walk you through the criminal trial process.  Call us toll free at 1-888-888-0020.

If it is a simple speeding ticket, we can probably handle the case without you having to appear in court.  If it is a more serious matter, you will probably be required to appear.  In order to make that easier for you, we have included directions on how to get to the Berkeley Municipal Court if we ask to meet you there and you are a client.

Berkeley Municipal Court

8425 Airport Road

Berkeley, MO. 63134

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If a friend or a loved one has been arrested in Berkeley, Missouri, you should not call 911.  You should contact the Berkeley Police Department’s non-emergency line at 314-524-3311 to confirm that they are being held there and to find out bond information in order to get them out of jail.  Once they have been bailed out, feel free to submit a form through our website or give us a call, and we can discuss the steps to take going forward.


If you still have additional questions, you can examine Berkeley’s website directly at


Below is a google map of the city of Berkley.  As you can see, Interstate 170 splits the city of Berkeley into roughly equal halves.  If you have been issued a speeding ticket on the way to Saint Louis Lambert International Airport, there are a number of jurisdictions that write tickets along this strip.  We have included some geographic information about the neighboring jurisdictions in case you are not sure exactly where the ticket was issued.

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The city of Berkley is located in North Saint Louis County near the Lambert International Airport.  It is bordered to the north by the City of Hazelwood.  The cities of Ferguson and Kinloch makes up the bulk of Berkley’s eastern border although a small portion of the southeast corner abuts the city of Cool Valley.  From east to west, Berkley’s southern border is comprised of unincorporated Saint Louis County, Bel-Ridge, and Saint John.  Its western border is comprised of Woodson Terrace and Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in unincorporated Saint Louis County although a small portion of its western border is adjacent to the city of Hazelwood.


Disclaimer: We do try to ensure our information about Berkeley, Missouri is up to date and current but we cannot guarantee it is.  If you spot an error or a correction, please feel free to let us know as soon as possible.