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To help clients and visitors to our website out, we provide a map and driving directions to the Bella Villa Municipal Court.  If a Lexstop lawyer represents you, you will probably not even have to appear in court if it is a minor traffic or speeding violation.  For more serious criminal matters, you will probably have to appear with a lawyer, and we hope it will be a Lexstop lawyer.


Bella Villa Municipal Court

751 Avenue H,

Bella Villa, MO  63125

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Bella Villa, Missouri is a small town located in Saint Louis County, Missouri.  It is surrounded entirely by the census designated area of Lemay.  It is located in South Saint Louis County very close to the northern border of Jefferson County.  The closest major highway is Interstate 55.  Although there are less than 1,000 people that live in Bella Villa, the number of tickets issued there is very large.  Several years ago, a study was done and determined that more than half of Bella Villa’s municipal budget was funded by traffic fines and other court fines so if you were unlucky enough to get pulled over in Bella Villa, chances are you’re not alone.  However, Lexstop is here to help.

For more information about the city of Bella Villa, you can visit the city of Bella Villa’s website by clicking here.

We have also included a map of Bella Villa, Missouri for help in finding it in relation to Saint Louis County as it is small both in terms of geography and residents.

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