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Did you receive a speeding or traffic ticket in Bel-Ridge, Missouri?  You could use a lawyer you can count on.  Lexstop Law Firm LLC is helping you resolve your traffic ticket problem.  Even if you were charged with a more serious criminal offense like DUI or are just in need of a lawyer in the area, submit a contact form online or give us a call.


To help clients and visitors out, we include a map and driving directions to the Bel-Ridge Municipal Court.  If you hire us to represent you, we can probably save you the trip if it is a minor traffic or speeding violation.  If it is a mores serious criminal offense or you choose to fight the ticket on your own, you will have to appear in the Bel-Ridge court.


Bel Ridge Municipal Court

8920 Natural Bridge Road

Bel-Ridge, MO 63121

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Geography of Bel-Ridge, Missouri

The village of Bel Ridge, Missouri is a municipality of Saint Louis County.  It is located west and north of the heart of downtown Saint Louis.  Unincorporated Saint Louis County make up Bel Ridge’s southern and part of its eastern border.  The municipalities of Bel-Nor and Bellerive comprise the remainder of its eastern border.  The city of Berkeley makes up its norther border, and the city of Saint John borders Bel-Ridge to the west.

Below is a map of Bel Ridge, Missouri as a frame of reference:

Bordering municipalities and areas:

Unincorporated Saint Louis County, Bel-Nor, Bellerive, Berkeley, Saint John

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